Turnaround Insights

Bundled Service Approach Improves Turnaround Success

By | 03/27/2017|

Turnarounds are always a challenge. With our team having experience on the owner side, we know the pitfalls and obstacles that prevent projects from finishing on time and on budget. This is one of the greatest advantages to you, our customer, in the merger that created Onpoint and WTMC, An Onpoint Company. Likewise, the combined service [...]

Safer Turnarounds are Better Turnarounds

By | 03/17/2017|

One way to reduce the likelihood of accidents is by reducing the likelihood of falling behind schedule. It is not realistic to think we can speed up without impacting safety. Whether the number of incidents increases or not, certainly we agree the chances of incidents increase. We perform detailed risk analyses on our turnaround plan [...]

Creating a Strategic Plan for Turnarounds

By | 03/11/2017|

The strategic plan is comprised of processes, systems and procedures that guide us through the process for the planning and the execution of turnarounds/projects. The plan defines specific deliverables and the timing required to ensure that all of the deliverables can be completed in a logical order and time frame. The Basics Some elements of [...]

Turnaround Metrics: A New Paradigm

By | 03/02/2017|

In reviewing white papers, articles, and best practices from the various turnaround improvement experts, one thing has become rather obvious—the paradigm has not shifted much in recent years. Rather than continuing to push the envelope, it seems much of the innovation has been focused on how to re-market the envelope with new spins on old [...]

Recognizing the Benefits of Turnarounds

By | 02/21/2017|

Depending on product line, chemical plants can be especially susceptible to seasonal demands, market trends, and general economic fluctuations, leaving them pressured to squeeze maintenance budgets literally to the breaking point. Despite these challenges, the industry has become savvier and turnarounds in chemical plants are increasingly essential to the stability of the equipment life cycle. [...]