OnPoint's comprehensive support services facilitate every part of your industrial project to enable smooth, flawless execution.

We make sure conditions are safe and that crews and materials are where they need to be, when they need to be there.


See how we help make sure people are working, not waiting.

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Where do we find the hours?

Waiting is the most expensive activity at any facility. Unavailable materials. Transportation delays. Permit delays.

Five minutes here.
Eight minutes there.
It all adds up.

How do we make time?

OnPoint makes sure your workers don't have to wait on anything.

For a major industrial project that stretches out over several weeks, unnecessary delays destroy hundreds of thousands of productive work hours.

Manpower-intensive jobs can lose up to 12,000 hours of productivity.
Every. Single. Day.

Plans and processes to make the most of every minute

OnPoint's unique set of comprehensive support services ensures all facets of your project progress safely, efficiently, continuously. Whether it's a turnaround, upgrade or routine maintenance to your facility, we set you up for success, avoiding frustrating idle time and eliminating unnecessary delays.

Project Planning + Coordination

Get insights
up front.

Project control professionals and execution coordinators approach each project from an owner’s perspective to identify and address challenges, obstacles and bottlenecks ahead of time.

+ Logistics

The little things make a big difference.

Dedicated drivers, detailed site and route planning, with logistics technicians managing the flow of people, vehicles, and equipment, to keep your jobsite moving.


Every pipe. Every flange. Any place. Any time.

Materials Management and Nested Warehouse Teams ensure you have the tools and materials your crews need when they need them.


Safe work
saves money.

Our safety teams are focused on ensuring every job is prepped, permitted and performed safely.

Confined Space

We add value even in the smallest spaces.

Expert technicians plan, install and monitor WatchPoint and engineered ventilation systems for multi-craft, confined-space work.

Working with

At OnPoint, we get things done. We make things happen. We GO. This requires more than a process, it’s a mindset.

It means approaching each job from an owner’s perspective, locked in on every detail and laser-focused on identifying and removing any obstacles that delay work, push schedules or inflate costs.

This is how productivity is boosted. How injuries are avoided. How manhours are reduced and goals are met.

This is what you can expect when you work with The GO Team.

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